It's Dawn.

The sun rises over the sea, casting its molten glow over a beach no foot has ever marked. Silently a small group of people emerge from the water. They are bedraggled. They are exhausted. But they move with a deliberate step, a momentum which will move mountains, and have a bearing which speaks of inexorable triumph.

That's right, folks.

StarStorm is out.

We did it! At the National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships at the University of Sheffield, StarStorm launched to a grateful and welcoming audience. For those not in the know, StarStorm is the latest project from Jackal Pack Games, joining Edgewalkers in our lineup. Check it out on the Shop page if you haven't already, then discuss it on the forums, which are all fresh, shiny and new and just waiting for people to come post in them.

We have so many plans - already StarStorm and Edgewalkers are expanding their availability and will soon be available in selected gaming shops in addition to this website. And there are so many more games on the way - so many, many more. I'll let our fearless leader, Father Jackal, tell you about that though.

Until then,



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