It's Dawn.

I waited four months for the blog to update and all I got was this lousy release announcement...

Okay, so there's not been a lot on the blog recently. But it's not for lack of work - the Jackal Pack have not been resting on their laurels, oh no. We've been planning out our yearly releases, and working on a whole new generation of Jackal Pack Games for y'all to play. So, what's been happening?

Jackal Pack Games is pleased to announce its 2012 release, Homeland. It's another full-size, 3d10 system RPG, set in a post-apocalyptic past.

"Once, cities thrived here. This was before the Burn, and before Primals like you and I, or the Tribe in the forest, even existed - this was in the day of old Hyperion. This whole plain was studded with towns, all connected and virtually glowing with the ether that powered them. Hyperion was a shimmering light which could be seen from Forgotten City to the Long Forest, or so the Archaeologists' Guild tells us.

"The Burn changed it all. Now, those towns have sunk beneath the plain, buried in dust and in memory, nameless and forgotten. Oh, New Hyperion thrives by our standards, but it is a shadow of its former self. And the thing which led us here, the Burn which destroyed the old world, which changed our bodies and made the races we know, which formed our world around us and us within it? Nobody even knows what caused it. Not even a clue.

"Your etheric training is impressive, don't get me wrong, but the big city lights have given you delusions of grandeur. You come back to your clan after all this time, you show me your sword and rifle and the complicated device on your wrist, and you perform tricks, saying that with these you'll change the world. Your etheric abilities are indeed impressive, but you forget the lesson of these cities on the plain. Everything fades and everyone forgets. You say you'll change the world and maybe you will, but in time your name will become as faded and forgotten as these poor lost towns.

"Nephew, I am your shaman, and the bonds of your family are tight here - you will always be welcome. But please, please, look after yourself out there, and for all that is good don't get yourself killed just to become a famous name.

"We don't need any heroes."

Homeland will be available from April 2012. More information later!


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