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I waited four months for the blog to update and al...

It's Dawn.

Coming soooooon

There's a whole world of development going on here at JPG, so I thought I'd let you foalks under the hood for a second so you can see what's coming. The next big thing is Homelands, but you'll have to ask the esteemed Mr. Hallam about that- all I know is that I've not been this excited about a post-apocalyptic game in years. I'm tired of corrugated steel and crappy guns and big scary mutants that want to eat your bones. I'm not going to get tired of Homelands any time soon. That's likely showing up around this April.

A year later, I should be able to present something rather dear to me, which is currently under the title of Whitechapel Particulars; pulp superheroes versus Lovecraftian cults in 1910s London. It's the first project I've fully helmed since Edgewalkers, and it's an awfully big chunk of creepy, old-school science fiction fun. I was getting bored of Lovecraftian horror, and wanted to focus on the sci-fi; expect brains in jars, drugs that send you through time and space, Nikolai Tesla's Marvellous Electrostatic Cannon (Sends enemies reeling at higher settings! Cures all manner of ailments at lower settings!) and a real, genuine attempt to take some old horror tropes back to where they belong- being scary.

On top of that, I'm very excited about Jackal Pack's newest plan: we're having Cubs. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements.


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