Homelands is here (part 2)

Homelands is here (part 1)

Coming soooooon

Review Time...

I waited four months for the blog to update and al...

It's Dawn.

What a nice day for a launch.

Wow. What a fantastic response. Back from the 2012 Student Nationals and the launch of Homelands and BEES!, and it was AMAZING. Thank you so much to everyone who supported indie gamesby buying our books - we actually managed to sell out of our initial order by the end of the weekend, making Homelands our biggest-selling launch so far. Homelands and BEES! will both appear in our online shop within hours.

Those people who bought copies, I can confirm they have arrived now, so they'll be winging their way over to you in the next few days. We'll be updating here soon with what to expect - hope you'll all join us then!

Also, congratulations to Sheffield for winning the nationals, and bringing next year's back to Jackal Pack Games' home city!


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